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Youth Black Magic Baseball Catchers Gear Kit combines the three main pieces of the Black Magic Series into one great bundle set. This catcher's protective gear is perfect for kids between the ages of 9 and 12, and it includes the Black Magic Helmet, the Black Magic Chest Protector, and the Black Magic Leg Guards.

The Black Magic Helmet is specifically designed for youth players, as its equivalent hat size is between 6 1/8 and 7 1/4. It has a durable steel cage, a resilient ventilated ABS shell, and a soft, yet supportive chin pad. The Black Magic Chest Protector features a Lock Down closure attachment system for ease of use, and a Quad back adjustment system ensures a true and proper fit. Lastly, the Black Magic Leg Guards have a double kneecap design and a protective PE shin plate design to ensure safety. Both the helmet and leg guards have strategically placed holes to encourage ventilation to keep the catcher cooler and drier.

This catchers gear set is perfect for young ballplayers who look for comfort, safety, and quality in their catching equipment.

Catcher's Gear Features:
  • Protective system for additional comfort and confidence
  • Set includes the following:
    • Black Magic Helmet
      • Smaller design made specifically for youth players
      • Resilient ventilated ABS shell
      • Air Vent design
      • Durable steel cage
      • Soft, supportive chin pad
      • Meets NOCSAE standards
    • Black Magic Chest Protector
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